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Susana Mei Silverhøj

Meet Susana


Visionary - Activator - Author - Speaker




Susana is a multi-passionate full on Empowerment Creator

dedicated to raising the level of consciousness & love on our planet

through her personal & professional communities and educational revolution movement.


All around the world, a new generation of students are often misunderstood and struggle in the traditional school system. Our Life Intelligence framework is being used to support and empower students to live and learn in flow & balance between body, mind, heart and soul, so they can live life to their fullest potentials being joyful, empowered and free.


We have a campaign running to raise money to be able to create an educational revolution. If you feel the calling to support our project, please donate and share the link with your network! Thank you!!





Life Intelligence Education™ is a framework about being conscious of the different guidance systems within and around us, which is part of the whole. It helps us create flow & balance between body, mind, heart and soul.


Today, science has found that some of the keys to happiness are exercising, meditating, gratefulness and being present. In other words, in order to be happy it is beneficial to focus on all our personal intelligences.


  • Body Intelligence (BQ) by focusing on physical activities and eating healthy.


  • Divine Intelligence (DQ) by meditating, being present – where we connect to our higher power.


  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) by focusing on social capabilities and compassion.


  • Mind Intelligence (MQ) by focusing on goals, learning strategies, positive thinking and getting knowledge.


  • Heart Intelligence (HQ) by being grateful, kind and helpful.



Connecting you - at all leves