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Design and Facilitate your next Retreat, Workshop or Event


Theos Heart travels around the World


Susana and her team creates tailored worldwide retreats, workshops and events for companies, groups, women, couples and families.


As the founder of Theos Heart of Copenhagen Susana teaches Life Intelligence, Heart Empowerment, Art of Feminine Presence, Flow Schooling, Holistic Health and Compassionate Leadership - live or online.


Susana and her team specializes in inspire and transform a new generation of conscious heart-centered world changers to overcome their limitations and fears and instead connect to the guiding systems and activate their true potential being joyful, empowered and free.


With her depth of knowledge and 30 years experience in healing- and performing arts, Susana Mei is sought after because her programs successfully guide her clients towards achieving life changing results through incorporating ancient wisdom, holistic lifestyle tools and down-to-Earth practical exercises. She transforms energy, is very intuitive and loves science.


“A magical life is created when we expand and embody who we are – Earth Gods/Goddesses - where old beliefs are transformed into new truths, perceptions changed and we experience wholeness, freedom and divine perfection of ourselves, our journey and in all there is.”


-Susana Mei Silverhøj


We need to break free from the old systems and paradigm that no longer serves us. We have to start from scratch. We must create a foundation where children thrive and can save the planet where we have failed. Create peace on earth. Children are not born racists, evil or bad. We are the ones who create that.


Life Intelligence Education


Educational Revolution for a Conscious, Connected and Thriving World


We are a not for loss educational consulting company who specializes in learning facilitation.


We want to cultivate and honor the natural innate capacities of learning, being curious and thriving - to be the highest potential selves - so we can optimize our contribution to the world. The way to do that is not to teach information, but to reactivate or keep activated the innate guidance and navigation coming from the intelligences within and around us. We call this navigation system LIFE INTELLIGENCE EDUCATION™.


We work as facilitators for new generations of students, parents, teachers and other game changers, with nine different intelligences, to explore and experience the conscious and meaningful connections of the multiple intelligences in the topics to be activated, by accessing this natural intelligence guidance. This creates a clarity, efficiency and empowerment for the students, to trust, not only themselves, but what is for the highest good.


That also means that from our perspective intelligences is not something we have or not, but something we can all can access as a naturally designed blueprint. We can learn how to receive information and generate our understanding of our place in the world. The natural way of learning is to follow our curiosity and explore from that. We create different ways, practices and tools for students to choose from curiosity, in a holistic structure of more conscious means to allow them to explore that natural passion for learning so they can thrive from there.



Reactivate your Cells

with products from ASEA


Cell signaling (or redox signaling) is vital for strengthen the genetic signals that keeps our cells talking.

ASEA provides critical connection and communication between cells to ensure optimal renewal and revitalization, supporting new and healthy cells in the body.


I work as an independent partner with ASEA since this ground breaking technology is right up my alley...


Balance your Body

with products from Zinzino

Omega-3 supplements are important to increase the omega-3 content in your diet and to achieve balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory components in your body. In addition omega-3 are important for a natural and healthy development and growth. Balance Oil from Zinzino is more than Omega 3 - it supports your body in creating balance and give you happy cells.


I work as an independent partner with Zinzino - a Swedish company that I feel live up to my values and standard.


Use your Brains Full Potential

with with Zing

Your brain’s brain (the cerebellum) gives you the ability to develop skills focus, stay calm and on top. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, unfocused and lack performance, you need individual physical exercises to stimulate your skill learning centre and free up space in your working memory. No brain game or mental effort will do that. This program a breakthrough in personal development and mental health.


We are only using a small percentage of the brain’s potential. Now you can access that hidden potential. withZING deals with the root cause where others obsess over symptoms.


I collaborate with this amazing founder after our family´s success with the program.

Retreat Design Guru

at Spa Wellness Consulting


Spa Wellness Consulting is owned by Sonja Sorich, who is an accomplished industry professional with a vast knowledge of spa design within the luxury spa and wellness market. She has managed, transformed and crafted some of Australia's most prestigious spa concepts and with her love for writing, she has also penned the text for numerous spa menus.


They tailor solutions to meet the needs of the clients and each project they work with, whether small or large is carefully nurtured to its full potential through our focus, collaboration and unwavering commitment to excellence.


I am Designing Retreats and Packages for some of these projects.

Connecting you - at all leves