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When we walked into the blue and cold hospital room where the medical abortion would take place, everything felt surreal. I felt that I was in a movie and I could almost see myself from the outside. My heart was broken. Large warm tears were pouring down my cheeks and it felt like I was about to die. The words “I lost my baby, my baby is dead, she is gone” were pounding in my head. I could hardly breathe. My chest cramped from the pain...


- Susana Mei Silverhøj


Do you feel alone?

Is everything going wrong?

Are you feeling “why is this happening to me”?


Traumatic Experiences: experiences that cause pain - both physical and emotional, uncertainty and/or feelings of loss of control of what is happening in your life.


They come in many forms and guises; have you suffered the loss of a loved one such as a parent, child or partner; lost your job, your home, your family, everything you own?



Susanas chapter in "No Mistakes"

Heartache is the greatest gift


Flow Food - Easy Organic Food on a Budget, will be published in English soon...

Holistic Health Concept

Flow Food


Easy Organic Food on a Budget



So what is Flow Food? It is: organic, sustainable, whole, vegetarian/vegan based, easy, healthy, conscious, balanced, high frequency, alkaline, rainbow-colored, something raw, sugar- and GMO free food. Food that creates more flow and harmony in your body.



This Flow Food book has been created in collaboration with students from Nutrition and Health University Collage in Copenhagen. It is more than a cookbook – it is a Flow Food lifestyle – made for people like you, who want a healthier, holistic and simpler life- every day.


Goodness, Grace & Great Thoughts on Fire -

How to Embrace

7 Billion Shades of you


By Susana Mei Silverhøj

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