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A test to measure the creative potential by Land and Jarman, created for NASA, was conducted on 1,600 kids. 98% of them scored at genius level! The team decided to turn this test into a longitudinal study, and give the same group of children the same test again in 5, 10, and 15 years time. These same children, now adults, had rapidly declined their score, so just 2%! was at genius level.

We are in other words innately born with the potential of a creative genius. This is what we mean with Genius Codes. They are in our DNA, waiting to be reactivated (see next Q).



Reactivation is embedded in the assumption that we have it all, we are it all and there is nothing lacking in our blueprint. The problem is that we have fallen asleep, forgotten and been turned off through endless programs running within and around us. The time has come to reactivate that blueprint – the codes in our DNA - which have been turned off for so long.


All is energetic vibration and your DNA creates your life based on the frequency of the vibration it receives. Different frequency bands activate different codes within your DNA.

Our attitude towards the surroundings affects the signals sent to the cell membrane, which then send messages to the DNA that sends out a response to the cytoplasm and systems. Those responses then affect the neurotransmitters and hormonal systems, which then affect our behaviour.

This implies that if we want to start to behave differently, we need to change our attitude towards life. Our perspective of life is at the core of creating our ‘impossible’ dream life.





Life Intelligence (LI) is a "framework" designed to promote the development of humanity through an understanding of ourselves, each other, and the planet. It is a holistic way of balancing and growing in all areas of life, by creating awareness and using the natural (and artificial) systems we are part of in the form of ten different intelligences.

Life Intelligence is the ability to experience, see and learn about life and the guidance systems around and within us - in a conscious and holistic way. There are not necessarily right and wrong answers, but a curiosity, playfulness and awareness about different perceptions of all areas of life, how it is connected, how we see things from different perspectives and what would be for the highest good.


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