Everyone is a Unique Genius and the Creator of our reality. We are the Ones we have been searching for.

Theos Heart of Copenhagen started off in 2015 as a dream of being FREE to do whatever we like, when we like and at the same time make a difference in the world doing it. 

The name Theos Heart came, as a channeled message, to represent the essence of our mission. Theos meaning God, so


Not in any religious sense, so Theos could just as well be seen as our own higher selves, the Source, Divine, or Sophia as we like to say. Turns out that THEOS is also our family; Theo, Hugo, Ellice, Oliver and Susana. We didn´t see that one coming when we named our children!

Therefore, our Mission has become to co-create a new conscious reality, where we remove the veils so we all can live our lives to its highest potential – a Meaningful, Holistic and Passionate life – making a difference in the world by being the unique genius´ we are. A life many would call impossible.

We have our base in Denmark and travel with flow – everything from short Daytrips to Yearlong expat living. 

We do our best to help our 3 children to grow up free, compassionate, happy and empowered. World schooling them and working from our ​laptops with what we love supports that lifestyle.



When I was a younger, I thought I could change the world. Now that I’m older—I know I can!


- Unknown  

Susana is an Energy Seer & Intuitive Starseed, a passionate Transformational- Visionary, Author, Speaker, Energy Master and Mentor dedicated to raise the level of consciousness & love on our planet. She is also a huge nerd, who loves to dive deep into scientific research, quantum fields, galactic realities and meaning of life.

She creates Global Tailored bootcamps, workshops, retreats, and events, mentoring, guiding, teaching and reactivating unique genius codes for Energy Mastery, Life Artistry, Life Intelligence Education, and Divine Feminine Leadership.

As a seer she sees the true potential in people – their genius and can help reactivate that potential – both personally and business wise…

She is the author of Flow Food, Goodness, Grace and Great Thoughts on Fire, and From Money with Love. She is also co-author of No Mistakes, Time to Rise, Famna Feminint Ledarskap and the forth coming book Holy F*ck & Water.

With two master degrees - one in psychology and one in education with professional orientation (leadership) from Sweden - she has a solid academic background. Her career includes being an associate professor at Nutrition and Health in Denmark, a hotel manager in Costa Rica, actress in New York, Heart IQ coach, high-performance and Art of Feminine Presence teacher, and superhero,

Susana has the skill of tuning into the needs of her clients to deliver high-end experiences and impactful life changing journeys.


The greatest fear in the world is the opinion of others, and the moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, and the roar of freedom.

- Osho   

Graduating in Engineering in 1992 was a wake up call where Oliver realized he could not pursue a regular career and be satisfied. He asked himself what his childhood dreams were and began to explore and pursue them all.

Since 1993 business building has been the main focus of his work-life. ‘No Fear’ is a coining term that has often been said about him.

He has lived on three continents, facilitated organizational changes from management herarchy to self-organizing teams with shared leadership responsibilities. He has run a hotel business in a country he hardly knew plus initiated and co-founded a worldwide training in Compassionate Leadership

Oliver has the ability to listen extremely deep and create a space for you to alchemize into your pure genius.

As a pattern seer, he brings the focus from the occurrences and stories to the underlying patterns.

As a trained engineer with a high IQ he focuses on extraordinary solutions. With the ability to see things in a holographic 360*360 perspective he brings into consideration the viewpoint of all stakeholders.

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