Receive Cashback on what you shop!

with products and services via  Cashback World

As we travel a lot, when we shop in one of almost 60 countries in the world or online we can get cashback on all our purchases - on everything from our groceries, travels and flights, clothes, restaurants, electronics, energy, treatments, courses, building materials, books, entertainment etc. You can get this benefit too for FREE, as it is free of charge as a customer.

We work as independent marketers for My World as it is a win-win for all. The more you shop, the more money you get back and the sooner we can build our Life Intelligence School. If you have interest in becoming a marketer too, please contact us here.

Reactivate your Cells

with products from ASEA

Cell signaling (or redox signaling) is vital for strengthen the genetic signals that keeps our cells talking.

ASEA provides critical connection and communication between cells to ensure optimal renewal and revitalization, supporting new and healthy cells in the body.

We work as independent partners with ASEA since  this ground breaking technology is right up our alley...

Rebalance your Body

with products from Zinzino

Omega-3 supplements are important to increase the omega-3 content in your diet and to achieve balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory components in your body. In addition omega-3 are important for a natural and healthy development and growth. Balance Oil from Zinzino is more than Omega 3 - it supports your body in creating balance  and give you happy cells. They even have a VEGAN Omega 3 oil!

We work  as independent partners with Zinzino - a  Swedish company that we feel live up to our values and standards.

Restructure your Cells

with products from Natural Action Structured Water

Water is so much more than just water. Structured Water is life forced water!

The scientific community around the world abounds with various research,and analysis of water structure, its enhancement, its quality and the immense value of its energetic effects on living things.

We work  as independent partners with the Wellness Enterprise - a company who really want to support the planet.

Reactivate your DNA

with courses from Gene Keys

Gene Keys, is a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.

The Gene Keys are a living wisdom. These are teachings to imbibe, contemplate and apply in your daily life.

You can receive your own FREE profile to support you to live the impossible by doing inner work.

We recommend this program after our own and clients success with working with it.

Reactivate your Brains full Potential

with program with Zing

Your brain’s brain (the cerebellum) gives you the ability to develop skills focus, stay calm and on top. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, unfocused and lack performance, you need individual physical exercises to stimulate your skill learning centre and free up space in your working memory. No brain game or mental effort will do that. This program a breakthrough in personal development and mental health. We are only using a small percentage of the brain’s potential. Now you can access that hidden potential. withZING deals with the root cause where others obsess over symptoms.

We recommend this program after our family´s success with it.

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